Settling In | Northern India

Nick and I have made it safely to Northern India and are settling in nicely to new cultures, peoples, and adventures. The diversity here is outstanding. From the time we walk out our flat, down our little corridor to our street, to the main square, we have passed Tibetan refugees, Hindus, Bhutanese, Nepalese… etc.  (Not to mention the westerners who have come in search of spiritual enlightenment from all over the world.) We are so excited to be here for the next two months to interact with, love on, and share life with all the many peoples we now find ourselves amongst.

The view from our little flat.
The view from our little flat.

Himalayan Mountains Dharamshala India Photography
The Himalayan Mountains are the backdrop of our new home for the next two months.

The first day we came, we went to a little chai stand down the main road for one of the best chais you can imagine (and for only 6rupees = $0.12). There, I had the lovely opportunity to meet an English woman named “Ann” (named changed for privacy). We started talking over this beautiful cup of chai and she began to tell me that she was feeling “jaded” towards people and more skeptical than ever. I could easily see the hurt in her eyes and disappointment she felt as she shared this intimate detail with me. At that moment, I felt saddened, but at the same time, very hopeful. I recalled to her that at the darkest time of my life, feeling hopeless and confused, I had a real experience with Jesus. This experience changed my life forever and I will live the rest of my days loving people because I am receiving first, love from God. I am full of peace, love and joy because of my experience with God and I am able to serve others out of that. With tears in her eyes and a soft hand on my arm, she said, “That’s what I’ve been missing. I have been searching for 15 years for that kind of experience. I want that.”

Okay, so maybe not all of my days will be filled with beautiful encounters and stories like this, but I pray they are. I pray that God is truly encountered by those searching for Him, and that His love will fulfill their deepest longings.

“Let God love you and let others watch”

Tibetan refugees India photographer
Our Tibetan neighbor, doing his daily recitations.


8 thoughts on “Settling In | Northern India”

  1. Wow, Paula. It sounds like you will have an extraordinary opportunity while you’re there. Make it count.

    1. Thanks Niguel! Yeah, we are really enjoying our time so far and meeting many people. You’d love it here, by the way! Seriously! We miss you a lot! Can’t wait to see you this summer! {paula}

  2. Dear Paula and Nick,
    What a beautiful story! We just spent an amazing couple days in Franschoek with the AN family, now some time in CT, missing you guys here… We feel fresh inspiration, full of thanks for our friends and connections here, anxious to get back and connect with the CPx team there. Just to say we love you guys!!

  3. So wonderful to be able to follow you from our current place here in KC. Your adventures, I’m sure, will be amazing. Just don’t have a TOO terribly fabulous experience or we might lose you to India instead of Zambia
    .:) Looking forward to the day when we can see you again. We tentatively plan to return to Livingstone late August, in time to see the Bumsteads off, and become mama and papa to the team while they are gone. Love to you both, Mary and Thad

  4. Miss you two and keeping my prayers with you! You have such a gift with words and photography! Thanking for sharing your experience on such a personal level through such wonderful medium.

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