Life over Chai

I started my day by tripping and falling, saving my camera from destruction (not my pride however). Luckily, I was later able to meet and photograph a Tibetan monk who was a political prisoner in China for 20 years. He sipped his chai, I sat with my jaw probably hanging to my knees, and photographed him in the pauses of his life’s powerful journey.

(Over 110,000 Tibetans have left Tibet to seek sanctuary in other countries due to China’s occupation.)

It’s these beautiful people that we get to love and serve here in India.

Tibetans Monks India Refugees Photographer

6 thoughts on “Life over Chai”

    1. Thank you so much Tim! You are always so encouraging and supportive- really appreciate it! Nick and I are looking forward to seeing you this summer. We will be in Oregon in August! Maybe we could all plan a weekend on the coast at Cliff’s house?

  1. Paula & Nick,

    it is wonderful that you are both getting to love on these precious people who have gone through much suffering in their life time. May God continue to be poured out upon their lives as you reach out to them with His all consuming love and kindness..

    Love you, mom

  2. Love the story about “Ann” and the experience you had with her. I will have to read about the Tibetanese history at some point. Glad for you and Nick’s journey together and what God is doing in you. I pray that you will continue to see what the Spirit sees. Love you both

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