Hiking the Himalayas

This weekend was so incredible. I got to hike with some beautiful people through the Himalayan Mountains, seeing spectacular views, culture, and wildlife. We went with our friends Evan + Katie Finley and Caleb + Hannah Showalter, as well as some new friends who are monks from Bhutan, Nepal and Myanmar. There were chai and dahl shops along the way to rest and enjoy the scenery, but the best part was making it to our final destination at snow-line and basking in the views.

Himalayan Mountains Travel Photographer India

Goat herders Himalayan Mountains trekking hiking photographer

Sonam from Bhutan, Rabten from Napal, and Tenzin from Myanmar

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I was able to hold a baby goat that was born the night before we arrived.

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nomadic sherpa tents Himalayan Mountains trekking

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Our lovely view where we stayed in the¬†Himalayas. Nick and I stayed in the sherpa’s tent but the tents made a nice photo.

goat herders photographer travel documentary Himalayan Mountains

I was so fortunate to get to photograph the nomadic goat herders in the middle of the Himalayas. They posed with their goats for a few photos and were so generous with their time to share about their lives.

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Himalayan goats travel adventure photographer India

Sharing a morning cup of chai with our host in the Himalayas. We spent the night under his tent which doubles as his home, shop and kitchen. It was magical.

Our view from one of our hikes to the glacier in the Himalayan Mountains. Once in a lifetime trip. So thankful.


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  1. Love each of the pics, as always. Never been anywhere in South Asia. But I might just have to after seeing these views. Love to y’all.

  2. Lovely photoos of the brautifull Tibetan children,
    and hearing about your life in the Himalayas.

    Love from Grandpa and Kelly and keep warm and healthy, eat an apple a day and get to bed by three. Take good care of yourselves.

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