The Taj Mahal

Yesterday, Nick and I had the incredible pleasure of visiting the Taj Mahal again. Despite the incredibly offensive heat (about 45C or 115F), we and our friends had a great time exploring and visiting this “wonder of the world“.

Of course, as a photographer, I am always intrigued to get another opportunity to shoot images for my stock portfolio as well as think creatively for different shots, since, lets face it, every photographer who has been to the Taj, has taken the famous reflection shot. It’s hard not to though. The Taj is a very symmetrical building, with great consideration by Mughal emperor Shah Jahanin in all its fine intricacies, and this is one of them. The reflection shot proves this nicely as well as frames a nice image of the front of the mausoleum.

Hope you enjoy the photos! THANKS!

Taj Mahal travel photographer clear sky stock photo
Luckily, the sky parted for some nice contrast and interest in the clouds.

India Taj Mahal interesting beautiful photography horizontal

unique Taj Mahal imagery photographer stock image

Taj Mahal documentary photographer India travel

beautiful Taj Mahal imagery photographer India silhouette vertical

reflection image of Taj Mahal photographer


Lasting Impressions

India Tibetan monks learning english documentary photographer

Today was our last day of having the wonderful opportunity to teach English to monks and Tibetan refugees here in Northern India. We taught advanced English Tuesday-Fridays since we’ve arrived and truly loved the experience. The students were all such eager, enthusiastic learners and so grateful for the time we spent with them. We built some beautiful relationships with some of the students that I hope and pray will be lasting.

As our final day, we prepared a little party, filled with music, games, snacks, and singing. The highlight for me was when the Tibetan students (all refugees) stood up to sing their national anthem. Some of them had tears in their eyes as they proudly and respectfully sang the words. It was touching and really made me reflect on the stories and experiences they have shared with us about their crossing the Himalayan Mountains to seek refuge in India. I have such respect for each and every one of our students for their bravery and sacrifice and desire for a better life. Their dedication to learning English is so much a part of that, and I am so blessed to have been able to serve them in that way.

Hiking the Himalayas

This weekend was so incredible. I got to hike with some beautiful people through the Himalayan Mountains, seeing spectacular views, culture, and wildlife. We went with our friends Evan + Katie Finley and Caleb + Hannah Showalter, as well as some new friends who are monks from Bhutan, Nepal and Myanmar. There were chai and dahl shops along the way to rest and enjoy the scenery, but the best part was making it to our final destination at snow-line and basking in the views.

Himalayan Mountains Travel Photographer India

Goat herders Himalayan Mountains trekking hiking photographer

Sonam from Bhutan, Rabten from Napal, and Tenzin from Myanmar

mountain peaks Himalayan Mountains photographer documentary

I was able to hold a baby goat that was born the night before we arrived.

nomadic goat herders Indian Palestine documentary photographer

travel photographer India Himalayan Mountain range

lifestyle photographer travel documentary adventure photography

nomadic sherpa tents Himalayan Mountains trekking

tents camping trekking hiking Himalayan Mountains photographer

Our lovely view where we stayed in the¬†Himalayas. Nick and I stayed in the sherpa’s tent but the tents made a nice photo.

goat herders photographer travel documentary Himalayan Mountains

I was so fortunate to get to photograph the nomadic goat herders in the middle of the Himalayas. They posed with their goats for a few photos and were so generous with their time to share about their lives.

nomadic people cultures Himalayan Mountains photography

Himalayan goats travel adventure photographer India

Sharing a morning cup of chai with our host in the Himalayas. We spent the night under his tent which doubles as his home, shop and kitchen. It was magical.

Our view from one of our hikes to the glacier in the Himalayan Mountains. Once in a lifetime trip. So thankful.